AI Team That Will Lead You
Through Your Data Jungle

Data Science.
New Heights.

We are a team of professional Data Scientists and Data Engineers, who grew as part of the G-stat group and became machine learning experts. 

Thanks to our rich experience we have a unique combination of a Giraffe vision and AI superpower skills. Now we offer you the ability to See first and Act first

Giraffe vision on data science projects:

Unwild your data
Predict opportunities and threats
Target the ideal solution
Scale up your organization!

Giraffe's Jungle Wisdom

Operation Optimization

Improving and optimizing processes combining many variants – predicting demand and inventory optimization, reducing supply times and costs, recommending more efficient transportation processes and many more.


Maintaining a personal and direct connection with your client – for the right client, at the right time, through the right channel.

Unstructured Data

Preserving, leveraging and retention – analyzing texts through all user communication channels with the organization, identifying trends and making fast conclusions about the action needed.

Industry & IOT

Let your machines and devices speak out: connecting all your systems to one smart automated system, allowing data collection and analysis, as well as receiving real-time notifications and preventive maintenance.

Customer Analytics

Client segmentation according to organizational oriented parameters, improving value propositions offered to them, and a positive and effective relationship management.

Big Data AI

Organizing, analyzing and leveraging existing organizational data for increasing customer value for organization and vice versa.

Clients Who Scaled Up With Us

We See Forward - You Scale Up

Let's Work Together

A Team Member

A specialist from our team will be assigned to your organization as a personal consultant

Data Hero Consultant

A Senior Data specialist will consult your organization by hourly consultation

AI Project

We will develop a tailor-made AI system for your unique needs and goals, using our ML knowledge

6 Step Work Process

This Is How We Do It


meetup and consultation


testing data feasibility


planning the project and setting goals


working on the ideal solution for you


implementing the algorithm/system


maintenance as needed

We’re ready to work.
How about you?

Leave your details and we’ll contact you for a no-strings consultation call.

By G-Stat

Giraffe Data Lab is the elite team of G-STAT, Israel’s leading analysis and machine learning company for 20 years.

We have experience of thousands of projects that have allowed us to recognize the needs of a wide variety of industries and leading organizations, while knowing to tailor the optimal solution.

Our team is comprised of the best minds in the fields of Data Engineering, AI, Data Science and Machine Learning. They all will be happy to work with you and lead you to new heights.

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