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Operation Optimization

Boost your delivery time, operations Flow and logistics with AI

Get a competitive advantage by implementing AI in your business. Use Machine learning and reinforcment learning and to optimize your operations

AI Helps You Reduce Costs, Streamline Processes, and Be Punctual

How Can AI Improve My Operations?

Use real-time AI recommendations for the best track for your operation. The best timing to act demand prediction and inventory optimization.

Optimize Supply Chain

Annotation of images and videos, Object detection and recognition, Semantic segmentation

Raw Materitals

Large Containers of Consumer Goods

Customers’ Orders Delivery

scale up uour operation

As an example, in an automatic parking lot, it is essential to plan the location and route of the parking lot using an optimal algorithm. It’s Challenging when there is a bottleneck and a large number of vehicles must park simultaneously, as opposed to other times when there is not much traffic and they do not reach their full potential (inefficiency). Utilizing the AlphaGo algorithm that enabled the computer to beat humans, we came up with a new approach to solving this problem The idea behind this algorithm is to reward successful moves while penalizing delays and bottlenecks in formation. Using Deep Learning with traditional performance research methods, we improved operation and designed the track that would take into account all the constraints, making sure all the cars are constantly moving and not stuck. In case you encounter bottlenecks and sub-optimal performance during the management of the shifts, delivery planning, product collection in the warehouse, or any other operational system – we will be happy to study your case and offer an optimized solution.

Turn Data into Action and Scale Up Your Results!

Giraffe Data Lab is the elite team of G-STAT, Israel’s leading analysis and machine learning company for 20 years. Our team is comprised of the best minds in the fields of Data Engineering, AI, Data Science and Machine Learning. They all will be happy to work with you and lead you to new heights.

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