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Unstractured Data

What is the true value of the images, videos and texts,
hiding in your organization?

Unlock valuable business insights from unstructured data using AI!

Use data more effectively to improve prediction and insight


Natural Language proccessing (NLP) – Sentiment Analysis


Annotation of images and videos, Object detection and recognition, Semantic segmentation


Computer Vision – Objects detection and recognition

Unleash the power of unstructred data using AI

Case Study - How did we develop a Hebrew Recommendation System based on content?

A large Israeli digital publisher, with hundreds of thousands of daily users, wanted to improve personalization for their readers.
Their objective was to determine which content was more appealing for each reader, and while there are many shelf products for this purpose, they all support foreign languages only.
The AI model we developed makes recommendations based on what readers are specifically interested in within each article.
Since there was no Hebrew corpus, we used natural language processing (NLP) to analyze the content.

This model was able to read all articles from the website and analyze them based on 2 different types of information –

  1. The first type is classic user data, such as when a user joined, how many articles he reads, which writers he prefers, etc.
  2. Second, we analyzed NLP – what kinds of articles each user reads to the end, where the user stopped in the article, and the type of content the user prefers.


This combination of information allowed us to increase the conversion rate, duration on the website, and the number of articles reads per session.

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Unstructured data can be anything: media, images, audio, sensor data, text data, and more. The term unstructured simply refers to datasets that aren’t structured in a database

Our models have the ability to identify changing environmental conditions from satellite big data images, low-quality products and packaging, long queues, and heavy traffic, analyze context and connections, and reveal underlying messages.

Objects, places, and actions in stored and streaming video can be identified using our models.

It allows you to know, for example, how many people are currently in each branch
of your chain at any given time, and if any products are missing from the shelves.

With text analysis, you can automate the process of understanding customer comments on a large scale, so you can make data-driven decisions. By using our model, we can determine what product the customer needs, whether he is satisfied with the service he received, what his needs are, and how urgently he needs to be addressed.

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Giraffe Data Lab is the elite team of G-STAT, Israel’s leading analysis and machine learning company for 20 years.

Our team is comprised of the best minds in the fields of Data Engineering, AI, Data Science and Machine Learning. They all will be happy to work with you and lead you to new heights.


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